Tom Romita

Writer. Director. Frustrated Human.

Tom has been successfully (not) writing “unscripted” television shows for twenty years. From the romantic comedy of “Blind Date” and “Matched in Manhattan,” to the family drama of “Wife Swap” and “Shalom in the Home,” to the workplace shenanigans of “Counting Cars” and “New York Ink,” Tom has crafted stories to the delight of millions of viewers over the years. He’s reached a level of success that has allowed him to live in the city he loves, New York, and secure a wife, son and daughter so beautiful, people think he’s adopted. But now, he’s doing it the right way. He’s writing stuff down.

Right here.

Please enjoy his website, and feel free to share, Tweet or contact Tom directly to say hi, exchange ideas, or introduce him to really rich people who might want to pay him to write.



“Arctica” also originated from a question:

What would happen if some invaluable resource was discovered in the previously uncharted and undesirable frozen wasteland of the Arctic Circle?

Set in the near future, when global warming and fuel shortages have made Earth a dangerous and desperate planet, "Arctica" is an explosive action thriller about a man and a planet, each with one last shot at redemption.

As the polar ice caps melt, and formally inaccessible land is exposed to oil exploration and exploitation, this byproduct of a warming Earth could ironically save the planet from its own demise. Nations begin collaborating to find and distribute the life-saving oil, but corporate and political conflicting interests come to a head when a rogue and unstable Russian billionaire stakes claim to a massive untapped oil reserve in the Arctic wasteland.

“Arctica” is a geo-political thriller with the ultimate stakes. Whoever wins the battle for Arctic oil will literally have the power to save or destroy the world as we know it.

In the time since Tom first thought up this futuristic thriller back in 2008, his story has become a reality.  Click on the links below to read the real story that Tom is currently adapting for the big screen: