Tom Romita

Writer. Director. Frustrated Human.

Tom has been successfully (not) writing “unscripted” television shows for twenty years. From the romantic comedy of “Blind Date” and “Matched in Manhattan,” to the family drama of “Wife Swap” and “Shalom in the Home,” to the workplace shenanigans of “Counting Cars” and “New York Ink,” Tom has crafted stories to the delight of millions of viewers over the years. He’s reached a level of success that has allowed him to live in the city he loves, New York, and secure a wife, son and daughter so beautiful, people think he’s adopted. But now, he’s doing it the right way. He’s writing stuff down.

Right here.

Please enjoy his website, and feel free to share, Tweet or contact Tom directly to say hi, exchange ideas, or introduce him to really rich people who might want to pay him to write.


So, I’m in one of those fancy vegetarian restaurants where they make stuff that tastes like meat out of soybeans and glue and cork and stuff. It was actually quite good- I’d swear that tofu came from something that at one time had a face, but I digress...

Here’s what I don’t get- an entree like a “Chx Cutlet” cost $9. But the “Meatless Medallions” goes for $19. “Open Faced Tofurky Sandwich" is $7, while “Braised Rack of Tofu” will set you back $17. Huh? It’s all TOFU!!!!! Shouldn’t it all cost the same?! Maybe a dollar or two difference for preparation, but this is clearly Tofabrication! They are clearly setting prices based on the prices of the dishes the tofu is configured to look and taste like! But it’s still Tofu!! Tofraud!! Tofuck that!!