Tom Romita

Writer. Director. Frustrated Human.

Tom has been successfully (not) writing “unscripted” television shows for almost twenty years.  From the romantic comedy of “Blind Date” and “Matched in Manhattan,” to the family drama of “Wife Swap” and “Shalom in the Home,” to the workplace shenanigans of “Counting Cars” and “New York Ink,” Tom has crafted stories to the delight of millions of viewers over the years.  He’s reached a level of success that has allowed him to live in the city he loves, New York, and secure a wife and daughter so beautiful, people think he’s adopted.  But now, he’s doing it the right way. He’s writing stuff down. Right here. Please enjoy his website, and feel free to share, Tweet or contact Tom directly to say hi, exchange ideas, or introduce him to really rich people who might want to produce his movies.


The oil crisis. According to any news report- higher oil prices are causing a stalled stock market, retail slump, housing slump, airline bankruptcies, cancer, halitosis and the break-up of Nick and Jessica. It’s become so bad that hybrid vehicles that come with their own donkey to assist on inclines are actually becoming popular. Tree huggers are so happy they are trying to figure out how to take their relationships beyond the friendly hugging phase.

Oil company executives were brought before congress to justify the high prices, which they handily did. Were our fearless leaders in the House and Senate easy on them because of the never reported 30% hidden tax on gasoline? Hmmm…

I just heard a news report about a new ‘crisis’- road repair. Apparently roads everywhere are in dire need of repair and maintenance, due to lack of funds. The government’s proposed solution: An increase in the gasoline tax to pay for it. And to account for less gas dependant hybrid owners, a surcharge for owning a hybrid vehicle. I’m not kidding. I don’t even know where to begin ranting- so I’m not going to.

Have a nice day, in the United States of the Twilight Zone.